Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey! This isn't Tea at Ten!

Today I made Tea at Ten a private blog. I did this because I began to feel that the blog contained too much personal information - relationships, study habits, religious beliefs, mental health - to be left for just anyone to stumble onto. Though I wanted to keep blogging, I didn't like feeling vulnerable because of it. Privacy seemed the best of both worlds.

If you would like access to the real Tea at Ten, or would just like to contact me, please write to

I'll include some of my favourite posts in this, my gateway blog. I'll add to them occasionally. And, perhaps, some day I'll feel less vulnerable, and Tea at Ten will be made public again.

Post Script: it seems that you'll need a Google account to access the blog - typical. Sorry about that, though I imagine most people have one all ready.

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